Brew Over Ice Flavors

*Disclaimer - I received the 3 sample flavors, coasters, tumbler cup, 2 straws, and light up ice bucket with tongs from Brew Over Ice. Check out the awesome giveaway going on right now! It ends in 5 days, so go enter!!

Here's a Keurig coffee maker above, and the 3 K cup samples I received are below along with the other items:

Do you love Keurig and their awesome K cup flavors? Then go to their website at Brew Over Ice to order some of these flavors. The flavors are: Snapple peach, Vitamin burst, and sweet and creamy. The peach one is pretty good and is an iced tea flavor K cup.

Go to their website to download a $2 off coupon and watch the Brew Over Ice video.

Follow their Facebook and Twitter . 

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