4th of July - Backyard Safari fun!

*Disclaimer - I received everything in this review from Backyard Safari in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own and of my family. 

My kids (4 and 5 years old) received these cute Backyard Safari vests with their Walkie Talkies for our review for the 4th of July gift guide, and let me tell you they were VERY excited to receive everything we got! They have been wanting some walkie talkies for some time now and I was very thrilled when I found this company and got a set they could review.  The vests fit them great and they have a good amount of growing room to them as well. The walkie talkies fit perfectly on the small clip on the vests. They love talking with these outside. The walkie talkies can go up to a 2 mile open field range to talk with these, which is great for kids. They are pretty good quality too, so that's a huge plus! These are a big hit in my home. These are all awesome products if your kids love to use their imagination and have fun.

This is a Backyard Safari Land and Water Lighted Habitat that can hold a frog and tadpoles in it, if you add water to it and keep it safe from harm's way. I am getting a few tadpoles for my kids to enjoy from a friend this week to add into this cute habitated land area. This includes a Free coupon for a tadpole, but you'd have to pay $7.99 shipping, so my friend is giving us a few for free locally since they have quite a bit in their creek by their house. so we're looking forward to seeing how well they adjust to this new house type habitat I got. 

Prices, prices, prices:
Walkie Talkies - $39.99 on the Amazon link I provided above.
Vests - $15.97 on the Amazon link I provided above.
Land and Water Lighted Habitat - $22.19 on the Amazon link I provided above.

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