Halloween 2013 Gift Guide Submissions being accepted through August 30!

Halloween Gift Guide 2013 Submissions:

Fun Reviews and Giveaways wants to make this Halloween gift guide one that fans and followers will not forget and will be posting about for their friends/family! I am taking submissions for sponsors for both reviews and giveaways for my Halloween gift guide which will begin Sept 25 - Oct. 31. I will need to have received the sponsors' email reply interested in this NO later than by August 30, so that I can receive all the review items and costumes by Sept 15, as it's going to take a bit for me to put this gift guide together and write each review and set up giveaways for each sponsor. 

If interested, please follow the instructions below via email - mama4life07@gmail.com :

1. Email me with your company's name and website link, and let me know what you'd like to offer me for a review/giveaway for my gift guide.

2. Let me know what specific products are available to review as far as costumes go for my children who are in a size 5 T girls and 6 boys.

3. Send me a photo or photos that you'd like me to include in my Halloween gift guide 2013 for you as a sponsor, so I can link it and set it up by Sept 24.

4. Let me know if you have any requirements of what you'd like me to include in the review for your company, as well as links to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

5. Let me know if you have any Halloween discounts/specials that I can post a code for my viewers prior to my gift guide starting, so they can shop.

Fans, Followers, and Blogging Friends:
Let's make this an awesome Halloween Gift Guide 2013 for Fun Reviews and Giveaways as a host, and for all the anxious fans/followers/friends who enter the giveaways and read my posts! If you'd like to be added to my Rafflecopter form before I make it live, Please contact me by email at mama4life07@gmail.com BY Sept. 20, with your Twitter and Facebook links, so I can email you with the HTML code to help me promote it with in return for adding your links! Please feel free to share this blog post however you see fit on your social media outlets, to help get the word out. If you need help with anything promotion wise, please let me know :)

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