90 Day Challenge Day 1 post

This is me at Day 1 Insanity ab workout, as well as Day 1 of the 90 Day Challenge, pill.

This is me at my weight right now which is 119 lbs or so. I want to be at 103 lbs when I am done with Insanity and my pills.


  1. Best of luck on this new adventure! It's going to be nuts!

  2. What insanity workout are you doing? Not sure if there is more than one. You do not look bad now, can not wait to see read your success stories!

  3. Hobbies - I got up to Insanity Day 25 in 2012 but my knee acted up so i had to stop. I LOVE INSANITY!!!! It's hardcore craziness lol.

    Jennifer - I can only do ab workout part of Insanity til my cast is off foot. I have all 13 dvds of Insanity 60 Day workout. They made Insanity Asylum but I don't have it. Thanks. I hate the flab lol it's got to go

  4. Thanks =) I gotta get this cast off foot, but I love this workout. The pills though have not seemed to do much yet.