Yo Yo Lip Gloss Review!

This lip gloss is from the amazing company Yo Yo Lip Gloss and will be the best stocking stuffer for my 4 year old daughter, along with the 2 other lip glosses I was given from this company to review for you my readers!

This blue lip gloss comes with a cute clip (good for belt buckles) with an elastic string attached for kids! The scent of this one is berry, which is one of my daughter's favorite scents. The price of this is only $1.75 per unit on their website. It's sold under Justice which is a girls store.

This lip gloss is in the set of 3 samples I received from Yo Yo Lip Gloss company, and of course it's a cute one like the berry! This one is scented bubble gum, and will be a great one for her stocking as well.

I love the size of these and how discreet they are, as well as easy on the go use with the clip on it. My daughter and I love lip glosses, so we'll be sharing these a good bit I'm sure.

This lip gloss is the last one in the samples I received from Yo Yo Lip Gloss company, and the scent of this one is the amazing Justice Kiwi. I love the smell of kiwi, so I'll be using this one a lot as well as my daughter.

These are great for kids, and the sparkles on it with the designs will be a huge hit with them as well! Take a look for yourself on their website and see what you like, and order some for your kids or even yourself.

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*Disclaimer - I received all 3 of these lip gloss minis samples from Yo Yo Lip Gloss free of cost, in return for my detailed review. It had no affect on my opinions of this company and their products.

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  1. Very cute! Small things like lip gloss are so easy to lose. What a great way to keep a hold of it!