Corset Chick - Camo

This cute Camo corset is only $27.99 on Corset Chick which is a great deal and is well worth the money. I was provided with one corset of my choice for reviewing and one for a giveaway on my blog that already ended. This company is very good to work with and the customer service is superb.

This corset fits great once it's on you and in place. It's a bit tight and is my first corset to ever get or try on, so it's still new to me but I like it okay, but for any and all corset lovers please go buy one on Corset Chick website!

Some good information about this corset that you need to and should know:
- It comes with a matching G- string
- Has fully adjustable criss cross ribbon laced back
- The front of the corset is 14" in length total
- It's cut shorter in the back for added comfort

Available sizes are:
3 XL

Please note that these sizes DO run a lot smaller than usual. I got the size large and it's tight on me, and I had to lay down and suck my stomach in to get my sister to help buckle the hoops into place. It's a VERY cute corset for sure.

The kinds of products that this great company has to offer are:
Corset Dress
Corset Top
Plus Size Corset

*I received this beautiful Camo corset from Corset Chick free of cost to me in return for my review post.

me in the corset I got to review.
Don't you love it? It's tight but
is pretty comfortable once you
get use to wearing it.
Corset back


  1. That is super cute. I will have to check them out. I have really thought about getting one or two and seeing if i like them on me.

  2. Oh that is cute! I want one, to surprise the hubby with. haha

  3. Thanks! You should get one. I am giving it to my sister, because I can't bend over in it. Idk how you wear them. She says for fashion statement or costume.

    Amanda - lol ;)

  4. That is wicked cute Love the camo, :)

  5. Thanks! :) I love it too. It's good quality too

  6. I would never be able to wear this.... lol Can you imagine how they were able to wear them all the time back in the 'old days' ? :-)

  7. Looks like a great price! Very pretty!

  8. Very nice, I have always wondered if they were comfortable or not.

  9. Lol - Hobbies. I agree!

    Mama - Thanks

    Jennifer - it's comfortable at first but not after 5 mins, or for me anyway