Giggle Life Ultra Soft Cloth Diaper

The cloth diaper I chose to review was the cute Monkey designed Giggle Life Ultra Soft cloth diaper. It's an adorable design and has pink on it to make it girly.

Giggle Life sponsored the giveaway I hosted as well as this review.
What size is this cloth diaper?
One size (goes from 8 - 33 lbs). My daughter is 35 or 36 lbs and at the loosest snap, it's still a little loose on her, so I used the 2nd closest to the end snap for her.

What other designs does this ultra soft cloth diaper come in?
Red, pink, white, yellow, baby blue, light blue, sea blue, dolphins, monkeys, dots, flowers, safari, and stars.

What sizes do the snaps fit to?
There are exactly 3 rows of snaps on this diaper and they go from Small, Medium, and Large.

What does this diaper have in it?
This diaper consists of a waterproof outer cover, and 2 large microfiber inserts/liners.

How easy is it to insert the layer?
The pocket opening is a nice enough size that it's easy to insert the liner inside of the cloth diaper.

How well does it hold when wet?
It holds in quite a bit of pee when in use and doesn't leak. It works great for using overnight if your little one has accidents and tends to be more wet at night.

How soft is this diaper?
It's very soft to the touch and my daughter loved it. It's elastic around the upper leg which is nice too, especially if your child moves around a lot. Some cloth diapers are more tight on kids than others are. The name ultra soft in the title of this diaper definitely is true.

How many inserts came with this cloth diaper?
2 large inserts came with the diaper I received for review.

Cleaning instructions:
- Don't dry clean it
- Dry
- Don't bleach it
- Wash with cold water.

If you have a cloth diaper gentle laundry soap, use that on the diaper when washing.

What material is this cloth diaper made of?
- Inner is soft fleece
- Outer is 100% Polyester

*I received 1 Giggle Life ultra soft cloth diaper & 2 inserts free of cost in return for my review on this blog post. Giggle Life sponsored the cloth diaper for my giveaway to 1 lucky winner who was notified.


  1. Thanks for so much information on this! You answered all the questions I would have about this diaper. Love the colors and patterns available.

  2. You're welcome. I will add a couple more pictures to it, sorry it took so long. Been side tracked today

  3. Hey, great information! I read the other day that it takes a single diaper 450 years to biodegrade in the ocean! Cloth Diapers are the way to go!

  4. Great info!! Passing to family members with babies!!

  5. Thanks for the info! The pattern is so cute.

  6. I can't believe they make cloth diapers with all those cute designs!!! Nice!


  7. I always loved cloth diapers when my kids were in them, they have come such a long way. Great review.