Blu Apple Freshener

The Blu Apple sponsored my Giveaway as well as this review I am writing to you in this post. They are quick to respond and have great customer service! Want to keep all your fresh produce that way for even longer? If so, head over to The Blu Apple to purchase. It comes with a pack of 2, and they are easily accessible. Simply, take the Blu Apple from packaging, wash it and place in the drawer with your fruits / veggies.

It works great so far for me, and it kept my apples more fresh for about 2 days longer than usual. I am impressed and will keep using these for our fresh produce we buy quite frequently.

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*Disclaimer - I received 2 free samples of the Blu Apple from the company as well as a sponsored giveaway prize for 1 winner. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I LOVE the Bluapples that I have! They work wonderful for me! :)