Twist Bands!

These are cute bands that can be used for a headband, bracelet, hair ties, and one set are shoe laces. I love the idea and think it's great for kids! The hot pink Twist Bands that are shoe laces are pretty thick/wide, so your kids can have fun with these in their shoes and have variety of colors to choose from. They're

Here's the samples of twist bands that I received for my review. They're all stretchy in the material. The smallest size bands can be used as bracelets but they are hair ties, so I know my kids will enjoy these! The bigger bands are like a head band, I tried it out myself! The hot pink ones as you can see, are shoe laces. These are pretty cool products, so if you want to order some, please go to the Twist Bands website to get them! They are very cheap and well worth the price. They are fun to use and your kids will love them!

They're well worth the small price of:
Shoe lace - $5.00
Headbands - $4.50
Hair Ties - $2.00

*I received this set of samples from Twist Bands at no cost, in order to be able to put my review on this blog post. All opinions are my own.


  1. These look like they would really be good for a variety of things.

  2. Those are so cute, I can send them to my niece.

  3. I LOVED my Twist Bands when I first got them.. but now, about 8 months or so later, they seem to be streached out. I still LOVE my headbands, but not so much the hair ties.