Happy Baby Company - Lulu's Glamour Wash (cloth diaper wash)

I received a nice sized sample bag of Lulu's Glamour wash from Happy Baby Company & I will share the information with you below about the product. The price of this formulated wash is $13.95 here on Happy Baby Company - http://www.happybabycompany.com/Lulus-in-the-Fluff-Glamour-Wash_p_697.html

I have used 1 tablespoon of this wash on 2 of the cloth diapers I own from reviewing and it works great on them; it doesn't harm the diapers. It's formulated and easy to use.

The important washing information of this product:
-If you're doing a small to regular size loads, you'll need to use 1 tablespoon of this fomulated wash
- If it's large or heavily soiled (dirty) loads, you'll need to use 1 1/2 - 2 tablespoons

Lulu's is:
- Dye free
- Has no optical brighteners
- Great for cloth diapers
- Great for sensitive skin
- Goes well with micro-fibers
- It's approved for military use
- Enzyme free

How to prepare your cloth diapers before washing them:
- Remove as much of the solid poop off of the cloth diapers as you can before placing them in the wash
- Rinse off the diapers as much as you can
- Be sure to set your washer to the highest water level available

If you need to know anymore about cloth diapering care, please go to www.lulusinthefluff.com . The good thing about this product is that it's made in the U.S.A. Please keep this out of reach of children! This packet of wash will clean about 45/90 loads.

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  1. I'll have to check this stuff out. I always love trying new detergents for our cloth diapers.