Dharma Glass Straws Review!

First off, let me tell you how awesome these straws are and very durable and a couple I received are decorative! My kids used them to drink their milk and juice yesterday and would not put the straws down, because they are new to them! They're very easy to drink from and are easy enough to clean with the wire like brush that was provided with the 4 straws I was given.

Leave the plastic straws at the store from now on and head over to Glass Dharma to get a nice set of glass straws for you and your family. You'll love these and your kids will too! They are priced under $12 for sets, so please take the time to order yours now!

What are these straws made of?
Borosilicate glass which is the same thing as Pyrex glass & is the strongest glass currently on the market. 

Are they able to be put in the dishwasher?
Yes, as well as the microwave it says but I won't try to do either. 

Will my colored straws ever fade?
No they are actually colored glass, not painted so no worries!

How quick do they ship their straw orders out?
Within 2 days. I got mine really fast.

Where are these straws made?
Fort Bragg, California

*Disclaimer - I received these pictured glass straws from Glass Dharma at no cost in return for this quality review on this blog post & they are sponsoring the giveaway I have for these products, so be sure to enter!

Giveaway link: Ends on Sept 14, so enter while you can!


  1. I love using straws! The little decorative bubbles on the sides are really cute!

  2. Glass straws? Hmmmm.. Never heard of these. My kids love straws but we've always just used the plastic ones. This is a 'green' alternative huh?

  3. I'd never heard of glass straws either, but they're pretty awesome and work just as well as plastic ones except you re- wash them and keep using and they do not bend.

  4. Wow -- I've never even heard of glass straws. Totally learned something new today. I wonder if they break easily??
    Robin @ Pink Coupon Cafe

  5. It says on the website that during normal uses of these glass straws, they should not break. If dropped on a hard surface, they could crack if not careful.

  6. Glass Straws?! Never heard of a such thing LOL Thanks for the review.

    Still Dating My Spouse

  7. I haven't heard of glass straws, but I love drinking with straws.

  8. I have never heard of glass straws.... I have a hard time keeping plastic straws clean.

  9. I love these straws! The bubbles on the side are so adorable.

  10. I love these straws! I really want to get some! Thanks for the review!

  11. We love them so far, but I make kids hand them to me so they do not drop them. We've used them in milk, water, soda so far to sip from.

    You're welcome! I enjoyed writing it for you all

  12. I love straws. These are so pretty!

  13. I have had my eye on these. I am adding them to be purchased soon, thanks.