Bondi Band Review!

I received the lime green Bondi Band and love it so far! It's a bandana type headband for anyone in the family who would like one! It fits both my kids heads great and they're 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old. It fits me too.

This Bondi Band would work great in the winter for covering your head / ears or even when you go for a run or are working out, so have fun with this headband! Go ahead and go to the Bondi Band website and order some bondi bands for your whole family. They'll likely love them, and they are very comfortable on your head. The kid sized ones are all $5 in price and very affordable to get, so stock up. I love to run, so this one will come in handy once I can run more and more!

*Disclaimer - I received this headband from Bondi Band at no cost in return for my blog review on their company and product. They are sponsoring my giveaway for 1 Bondi Band, so please be sure to enter before it ends on Sept. 14, 2012!

Giveaway link: Ends on Sept 14, so hurry and enter!


  1. I hate when I'm running and my hair gets stuck to my face! This would be very useful!

  2. I hate it when I'm working in the house and my hair flops in my eyes. Looks like a great product.

  3. With long, curly (you can substitute frizzy ) hair, I'm a headband junkie -- I'll definitely have to look for these!
    Robin @ Pink Coupon Cafe!

  4. I have frizzy hair too and it's worked good so far. =)

  5. I could sure use this when exercising.

  6. nice, this would be great for work outs

  7. Cute for workouts and every day life.
    I like the designs they have.